Troy Johnson (LA) #ExtraordinaryCityStory with @visitabudhabi “My brother used to be in a band. Not a super famous band, but they toured Europe and I went along with them for the ride, it was a blast. “One time they were playing in Manchester and I was looking for a jersey, all the locals said I had to get a City one and support them. City resonated with me because I'm from Chicago where there are two baseball teams: the Cubs and the White Sox. The Cubs are the glamour team, the Sox are the blue collar team. Been a die-hard White Sox fan since I was a kid. That was 2008, when it was tough to follow them from over here, but these days I get to see a lot more games. It's strange, I thought I would have grown out of this by now, but at 38 I'm like a kid again, I can't get enough of City and soccer. “We named our dog after Vincent Kompany – he’s called Vinny. It was a little weird this morning explaining to him that we were leaving him to go and see the person he was named after at the City soccer festival. I think he understood, he seemed a little less upset than usual. I actually had a long talk with myself after the event, about why I stopped mentoring kids this past couple years. I'm going to get back involved.”

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