Paul Rychwalski and  his son Joe #ExtraordinaryCityStory with @visitabudhabi Paul: "I'm an eye surgeon. In 2013 we moved out to Abu Dhabi and we built a hospital there, the Cleveland Clinic. There's a lot of people who support City in Abu Dhabi, so my son Joseph made the Club and he was on the development squad there. He's a goalkeeper, so we love Joe Hart - and we still do! Now Ederson's here, it's great to have him. We just got back to the US this year, and now we're north of Boston in New Hampshire. I'm at an eye hospital there. "The amazing thing about the Club is the coaching philosophy filters down all the way to the football schools and now as a goalkeeper when Joe plays from the back, involves his back line and works on possession it's all things that he has been taught, and when we see the team play on TV we recognise the things that they were taught too." Joe: "I've got to finish high school and college is a great opportunity for me. In terms of what I'd like to do with my career, having my international experience I've always thought that being an ambassador or some sort of international relations role could be very interesting, but I know things can change - apart from being a City fan. “I really our style, I like the focus on possession and the superstars. I'm a huge fan of David Silva and Vincent Kompany. “I am currently playing soccer for my high school and premier Club team.  I am using the skills I honed at City both on and off the field. My experience with the coaches at City was unforgettable and has had a tremendous positive impact on me athletically and personally."

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