Nicolas (left) Phillip (centre) and Nathaniel Jones #ExtraordinaryCityStory with @visitabudhabi “Our history with Man City began in 1894 when my Grandfather became an avid fan and then my father and mother became season ticket holders and passed on the love of the club and the tradition. My first game was at the original Maine Road stadium in 1957 when I was six years old in short pants. I married a Manchester girl, Patricia, whose family were mostly red but not her Dad, who was a die hard City fan. “We relocated to America in the late 70's and found it hard to track the team. But thanks to the development of world TV and the excitement of the Premier League, our connection to the team has grown and grown. Our four kids Dominique, Nicholas, Nathaniel and Alexandra are all avid fans and at game time we are all on line together from all over the USA and all over the world, no matter what the time zone, tracking each game on TV in real time. They are now fifth generation team supporters and the club were nice enough to feature our family story in the programme for the Stoke City game in December 2012. We toured the club with Mike Summerbee. What a treat and what a gentlemen. “The Club recently played in Nashville where we now live. What an exciting time for us with a great pre-game tailgate party. We are so looking forward to the season ahead and hopefully seeing our club at the top of the Premier League once again.”

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